5 Key Steps to Getting the Perfect Math Grade

Math Help

Quick!  What is 382 times 5? Can you answer in sixty seconds flat? No, put away that calculator.

Let’s face it- some people are better at math than others, just like some people swim better than others, and some people need glasses to see while others don’t.

The truth is that most people are, in fact, capable of being competent at math. Just like most people with health complications can learn to run the daily five miles they need in order to survive.

The hardest part about this is to get started, which requires you to take a few (serious) action steps to get there. Luckily we’ve set out a roadmap for you; here are five crucial steps to get you headed in the direction of the math grade you want (and deserve).

1) If you don’t understand something, focus on fully learning and understanding it before moving on to the next topic. It sounds simple, right? But believe it or not, some students skip lessons and topics without fully understanding them- a complete recipe for disaster.

2) Work example problems and check your answers. If you don’t already know, math is one of those subjects that you learn by “doing”. After reading each section, begin working the example problems from the end of the chapter. Make sure to work the problems that have answers in the back of the book, and check every one. The up side to this is that working problems will build your confidence, and confidence is 100% the key factor in mastering math.

3) If someone asks you for help, explain it to him or her. Those who can explain and perform the material are the ones who fully understand it. The process of rephrasing information back to someone else, and breaking the concepts down, will increase your own understanding.

4) Never do math in pen. We all make mistakes, and it’s only a matter of time before you make one in a math problem. Never work in pen because doing so will lead to a ton of lines, scribbles, and unnecessary confusion. You want clean, neat paper with a well thought-out solution; and most importantly, an eraser.

5) Team up with a tutor. Seek help when it’s appropriate; don’t let yourself get stuck and frustrated. Whether you have a friend or need to hire a tutor, recognize the point at which you need help – then get it!

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